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Annual Fall Raffle

The Hickory Ruritan Club is having a fall raffle with 14 possible prizes of gift cards ranging from $250 – $500 or cash prizes of $500 and $1000.  (Prizes listed below).

Tickets are $20 apiece, but each ticket has the possibility of winning any one of the 14 prizes.  One ticket can even win multiple times.

The drawings will be September 19th through October 2nd, and are tied in with the Virginia Lottery Pick-3.  Whatever number is drawn for the PICK-3 for that day, the same number is our raffle winner for that day.  It is possible that the same combination of 3 numbers could be drawn more than once during that 14-day period.

To purchase a ticket, contact any Ruritan member or call the clubhouse at 757-421-0297 and leave a message or call either of the following numbers: 757-508-8041 or 757-285-1758

Prizes are:

Drawing date       Prize                                                               Winning Number

Sept 19th         –    $500 cash                                                      161

Sept 20th         –    $400 Home Depot gift card                      173

Sept 21st         –    $350 Home Depot gift card                       947

Sept 22nd         –    $400 Walmart gift card                            106

Sept 23rd         –    $400 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card    339

Sept 24th         –    $500 Nordstrom’s gift card                      021

Sept 25th         –    $500 cash                                                      402

Sept 26th         –    $350 Lowe’s gift card                                 574

Sept 27th         –    $225 Walmart gift card                             200

Sept 28th         –    $300 Target gift card                                  952

Sept 29th         –    $250 Walmart gift card

Sept 30th         –    $325 Bass Pro Shop gift card

Oct 1st             –    $350 Lowe’s gift card

Oct. 2nd           –    $1000 cash



Hickory Ruritan Club is located right in the heart of the Hickory neighborhood at 2752 Battlefield Blvd South, Chesapeake, VA, 23322.

Our motto is Fellowship, Service, Goodwill – Fellowship among club members, and Service and Goodwill to the community surrounding us.

Our goal is to help individuals, families, schools, service organizations, and/or businesses in our community when there is a need.

If you are interested in finding out more about who we are and what we do, please contact a Ruritan member or come be our guest at a dinner on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7PM at our clubhouse.

You may also call our clubhouse number at 757-421-0297 and leave a message.